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Ephedra pills for maximum weight loss

Derived from the plant Ma Huang, Ephedra is considered to be one of the oldest medicines of the world. This herbal product which is known in scientific circles as Ephedra Sinica is supposed to have been discovered nearly 5,000 years ago by the Chinese. Though certain forms of this drug, which is famous for its weight reducing capabilities, have been banned by the FDA, there are many school of thoughts which still advocates its use and claims that it is safe.

Ephedra is not permitted to be sold in its diet supplement in the US. There are many properties of Ephedra and they include increase in metabolism and also relaxation of the air passages. This Chinese herb is also known to promote perspiration and urination too. These reactions in the human body help it to lose weight. Along with the above Ephedra also helps people suffering with coughs, asthma and minor colds.

It is the thermogenic also known as fat burning properties of Ephedra which helps those consuming the same to get rid of their excess fat. According to some researchers Ephedra spares the lean muscles of the human body while promoting loss of fat. It is also known to be an energy booster. Ephedra taken with caffeine (ECA) for a short period of time has helped to reduce body weight by burning fat. There are no specific studies which state its effects in the long term use.

Hence if one wants to lose weight for a short period of time, they might consider using this drug and then stop the same when their goal has been reached. According to industrial guidelines consumers should not increase dosage more than 60mg of Ephedra per day. It is also advisable to consult with your physician before you start taking Ephedra.